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A tool to visualize Apache module mod_status output

VisualStatus screenshot

VisualStatus is a flash application to display mod_status Apache module output visually.

The usage is simple:

  1. Enable mod_status on your server. See documentation for further information.
  2. Download the zip file (right-click / save target as..), unzip visualstatus.swf and put it on the server to monitor.
  3. Navigate to http://your-server/path/to/the/visualstatus.swf with your web browser.
  4. Watch output.
  5. You can set the update frequency by http://your-server/path/to/the/visualstatus.swf?freq=[update frequency in seconds].
    By default it is three seconds.

Feel free to use the tool any way you want. If you find it useful or use it somehow commercially, I wouldn't mind a small donation.